Monday, January 17, 2011

We are Back!

Yup! We are back! I'm going to try my best to post everyday. (;

All of the writers please try to post every single day. I'm also hiring new writers with a cool new feature! Check at the page thats coming soon: Writers (; *This may take a few days.

I'll start tomorrow, since I am in a rush. Ill put up the new way to apply soon! (:

LeonaAF (;

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dove Club!!

Hey! There is a new Sponsered Club called dove_club12

Everyone please join so we can get more free items!!! You a free bag when you join! Cool, right??

Please, use all of your spare accounts to join! We wanna get everything on thisl list!

So, please join!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Free: Purple Ribbon & Becoming Covergirl Comp 1

Hello everyone,

Get this purple ribbon and support Violence Against Women! It's easy to show your support, all countries should be able to get it.

To get to the first page, click here.

Then, click on the link (16 Days on Facebook).

The ribbon will show up in a Starplaza shopping bag in your suite! Just pin it on your medoll's outfit and show instant support for this notable cause!

Now Finally...


Tomorrow is Black Friday aka the biggest shopping day of the year! Why is it called 'Black Friday', you ask? Well, normally green means good, and red means bad. When a company is in red, it means it is spending more than it has. So on the other hand, when a company is doing good, it is described as black! Who knows why they chose that color.

So onto the important stuff... this competition is all about shopping! The task is to: dress your medoll with the best shopping outfit using black items! Write in my guestbook (JMJuke) or comment on this post a tiny pic of your outfit! Outfits will be put on here and brought to a vote! There will be eliminations instead of a winner because...

This competition is only Round 1 of an enormous competition! This means that there will be more? Yup, many more. And the winner of the overall comp will be crowned covergirl of Popstar Magazine's first ever edition! So hurry up and comment below with your Round 1 entries because that officially enters you into the Becoming Covergirl Comp 1!

Have fun and good luck to all entrants!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

1sd Hot Buys Wool Top

Ok, so as you might know, I posted the list of October Hot Buys but Stardoll decided to change things up a bit....

I expect it's a glitch and I don't think it's going to last very long. It's in the Starplaza under the tab "New".

All credit goes to bobdraws for telling me about this.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Miss Stardoll World

Miss Stardoll World Has anounced the contestents!!
Coolgirl202 MissHannah1498 Princeslaura Princess.m.c Sinead.Paddy 13Emsie SaRaDhlpErGaL
MontyDarling xx-BABE-Tash-xx Sarahxxoo Eco-chich18 LinzeyWay The_Blue_Dog
Siamesecatlover Xilda_lady_ tenacioustina84 Sugarface_Ava Puppylover_096 Fobluvr4 22EllaB22 Bunkydoglong Kathat0 hugs11 Weetos1 Countrygurl102 Virgo334 Catlover103 MissSarifa Rat-Patrol Csara123 Emorox4eva
kasia5040 999aga999 dorotka27 palka-216 magda_i_pies esther001 aga_174
zOyeczka alissgirl Mr.Stefcia kata1509 RyokoTenou morska-syrenka 4medoll4 smerfetka13851
pauladaniela missgandy smailian nonodiva babygirl29.03 diaba_santos bonekinha03 tolitita 2aeiou5 marcia256 angelcat86 filipinhamaria animalmarinho giselle-beyonce pris*valente vrnc nininokinhas pukaninahGreece: mauromatis koula36 melody-miss m_themis zanessa_8d palea may-queen88 evikiki bella5_5edward
dafni4 star_demi94 ilgd missstar4u madamlemoni karakota limepolkadots rockgirl81 moonsailing
irennnnna Code_Lyoko45 priyankas purplesparkles lexi_sugar athene74 ashy_loves_you littlejessica
miley_angel26 jen-is-me emacy08 annie2000 tozza11 annierox5000 purplepoppy24 islandsweetie choc-cream and mia-h
Luli_1784 MaiaJ. sinthaco LsdLuciana nyelle3060 girllmary pritttt *tauri juijuix MissGigi_0203 Night_Nymph cristinangelo decoddy tatuncia fabygimenes floquinha3 MissLeilaTaline Patymdc
Vaselica FiFaSH88 liliabella Veleta777 yaota Sunnyfox kleopatra2014 Ololufe Chouchou77 AfellijaEtana LadyPrima alphabet-pony _Vesper_ Irish.kas AvrilkaTH13 DawnRenesmee AmatisstaNa
laura123x10 angie21z MiriLisa1 Jule_1507 tecki3 Bluelagoon02 seadysue sweetL29 katara4 Shyann04 Chryspi Talia-87 shahima Rosalyta _Mariah_ Lady-maus Abraxxa ashley22290
Libra_Libra superstar2256 lauziiiii Lipgloss7000 PreciousPink96 tyra_lover bestcousins8844 marrc24
hellsgirl kelsey_diamond beamy airdy Pink.Eclipse- vaishali_sinha Welsh_witch kajagoogoo818 scottish_Diva
J-dolfijntje g_a_b_s_y katrijniewijnie marretjun -COOL-GIRLIE- Super-girl.8 Niekjuhhh LautjuhxXxgekMaxiMyNaomi -Look-A-Like Schoolstuff Lisannetje10 Callantha-2 OmaF sissimodel BambiEzel BliinGgiirlss Redstar*1

Oychiel cat_lover_97 smoothieLove hella84 cloetta1 cutiieGirl.. jossanj ValeryViolette tussann Lina1983Piff_Cool Polly9700 LisaTruong prettzgirl cool_tjejen kax.maja LAuraLYnn mitzzy sisselina_11
Almendra13 Silviap Maite3331 Amparitero Patri-Xulikah StupendaM Martita996 BarbieMala Central_GirlManithita Brujitxiki Minimininakitti Iriethh Moy365 IsabelBelluci Silvia-93 Miss_Paula12 x..PunkGirl..x
ornella75 thun95 1DarkFairy .-.Ilary.-. Mirtillina Giulia2008 HANNAHLIFE96 Molly88 ILAsempicementMia tacchinetta noemi2203 priscilla3 ErMiNiA92 giudyziamia97 dj6m tilde_50127 ModAlcogolicFrance: harajukoo-girl, Moun2009, vesper, xela2, Miss--kate--93, ludivine007, debe00, Sokimiso, baguetemolle, makhdoumaa, ninis96, Marion5, gm1405, vinata, cedric-fashion, Gaga62, indu25000 and ipnoze

sayha84 earth_savers perilice2 esralale emine_dilara yasemin_woww serva34 sugar_gril beyons_66 __selena AsiMeLek.Osqe lenixx elifco59 joy..arja crazy_ebru baby_fidan london_895 khasmere

With a huge thanks to SMW for this!

Also a huge SORRY for not being able to write alot! Ill try!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October Hot Buys

Hey everyone! I know this came out a week ago but I thought it was something to blog about.

Here are the Hot Buys for October 2010:

The names of the clothing and the dates they come out:
Hot Buys Skull Earring; Splendind; October 5
Hot Buys Lace Top; RIO; October 7
Hot Buys Leather Bag; Bisou; October 9
Hot Buys Puff Dress; Pretty In Pink; October 14
Hot Buys Wool Sweater; Bisou; October 16
Hot Buys Wooden Heels; RIO; October 18
Hot Buys Wool Top; Folk; October 19
Hot Buys Faux Fur Bolero; Voile; October 21
Hot Buys Purple Skirt; Fudge; October 24
Hot Buys Mitten; Pretty In Pink; October 28

I will be buying all of them because I collect Hot Buys. I have 190 to be exact (:
Which ones will you buy?